No scarcity

Posted in Uncategorized by clamour on September 9, 2009

Today I was reading some of the historical archive stuff about riot grrl bands on Grrl Sounds and listened to some of the bands I missed out on because I was five years too young and lived in the land of boy bands and death metal.  I was especially inspired by Emily’s Sassy Lime playing a four string guitar and borrowing amps and the low fi cut up aesthetic.  I’ve been thinking so much about perfectionism, fear of judgment, and paralysis.  The first planning meeting for the Women’s Music Collective is tonight and all I can think is “who am I to make this happen?”  It’s kind of the way I feel when I write a song or a poem and it doesn’t seem real to me because it’s mine, like the only real things in the world are those that already existed without me.  Thinking about high school girls playing a four string guitar and borrowed drums turning out raw, beautiful noise is an antidote to that kind of thinking.

I am proposing a thought exercise: decontextualizing music from time and the idea of scarcity.  It’s tragic how music is thought of as locked to time and even though the music itself can travel as an artifact the rest of everything surrounding that gives it resonance is lost.  Planned obsolescence is a capitalist idea more suited to refrigerators than culture.  Music is infinite.  There is no scarcity of songs, images, musicians.  There is no scarcity of musical possibilities

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